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Pre-Press & Typesetting

AMES provides cost effective composition for both print and Digital media to publishers, academic institutions and organisations around the globe. Our services enable clients to reduce costs upto 30-50% of their budget and get increased customer satisfaction.

We have a thorough knowledge of publishing to customer engagement, and expertise in Trade, Professional, Scholarly, Education and Corporate Publishing workflows. We've highly experienced and highly skilled professionals who can handle the projects from various typesetting platforms like InDesign, Quark, 3B2, FrameMaker, LaTex and MS-Word.

AMES supports the entire Content Life-cycle from Content Creation to Publishing in any medium (Digital, Mobile, and/or Print).

We facilitate University Presses, Publishers, Educational Institutions, Corporations, Government Agencies manage large volumes of content by designing and deploying optimized workflows that improve time-to-market, lower production costs and help generate new revenue streams.


Our Product offerings are listed below:

  • STM books and journals
  • School books (K1–K12)
  • B2B books and journals
  • Law Books
  • Encyclopedias
  • Directories and Dictionaries


  • Conference Proceedings
  • Catalogue
  • Comic books
  • Magazines
  • Recipe books
  • Biographies


Our range of services include:

Project Management: Project management in Publishing refers to tasks involved in overseeing the Journey of a Manuscript from writing to printing/electronic publishing. As a Project Manager, we take care of overall responsibility of Quality and Consistency of the output to be delivered in addition to dealing with authors and stakeholders as well as dealing with suppliers.

Content Writing/Copy Editing:  We can handle deliverables in the form of an e-book, a newsletter, blog, article or web page content. We do hard work of researching for information, structuring the content, and make it appealing as well as more informative. Also we ensures that text is correct in terms of spelling, grammar, jargon, punctuation, terminology, semantics and  formatting. Copy editing also ensures that the idea the writer wishes to portray is clear and easy to understand. Our Copy Editors make sure any factual data in the text is accurate and that any potential legal issues are brought to the publisher’s attention.

Editorial/Proofreading: We do Technical Editing, Proofreading and other Editorial services to make excellent output of the content.

Translation: If you are considering expanding into different countries you need to have your content translated into proper language used by the natives. The smart thing move in this case is to hire translation services that know the language and culture inside out and can not only translate your content but also train your employees in the appropriate manner and behavioral patterns. We provide translation services in multiple domains like Automative,Banking, Healthcare, IT, E-learning, Oil&Gas sectors.

Typesetting & Composition:  Using our expert composing team, we do Composition of Content into various platforms like InDesign, 3B2, LaTex, Word, FramMaker by using various designs, layouts, fonts to produce quality outputs.

E-Book creation:  We can convert your documents into well organized eBooks suitable for selling over the Internet or on CD-ROM. Converting your written documents, brochures, catalogs, books, PowerPoint presentations, articles and white papers into eBooks is the most cost-effective and convenient way to make them available to potential customers and readers. eBooks can be sent to publishers, transferred by email or FTP and distributed on CD-ROM or through a website.We also have the expertise to convert content into Reflowable ePub formats (EPUB2/EPUB3) and fixed layout formats.

Graphic Design: We do all sorts of artwork and graphics design in various formats that will be useful for both print and web publishing.

Data Conversion/Data Entry:  We offer high quality, quick time, cost effective, maximum accuracy and secure data entry services.Our accurate data entry services is useful for scanned copy, printed documents, handwritten documents, typed copy or any other format. Data conversion specialists at our production centres are highly trained to deal with all types of data conversion requirements. Getting quality data conversion services from an expert data conversion team greatly reduces risks and adds value to data and information management.

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