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We are one of the leading self-publishing house in India. Having more than 15 years of experience in the publishing industry, we help you to become an Authorpreneur (Author + Entrepreneur).


  • Design Services: We do all sort of designing services like Interior Design, Cover Design and Custom Illustrations Design that are required for Book Publications. 
  • Editing Services : We provide Comprehensive Editing as well as Proofreading services.  The editor not only corrects any obvious errors (grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and punctuation), but also rewrites sentences and paragraphs, if required to remove inconsistencies and ambiguities. The editor uses his/her expertise to ensure that the document makes sense, and the text is clearer and more understandable.
  • Marketing Services: We use below listed channels for  book marketing.                                                                                                                            *Internet Marketing (Google Ad Campaign):  Our experts in consultation with author creates Google Ad Campaign for audiences and impressions being targetted.
    *Social Media Marketing (Facebook Ad Campaign):  Our experts in consultation with author creates Facebook Ad Campaign including text and banner Ads based on the audience and impressions being targetted.
    * Pre-orders:  We can make your book available for pre-order on for accepting orders before the release date of the book.
    *Book/Author Website:  We can design website for author/book. This website helps in engaging readers by providing supplementary information.
    *Social Media Setup:  We create social media pages (like Facebook & Twitter pages) and promote these pages to increase book visibility.
    *Marketing Kit - Bookmarks & Flyers:  We design custom marketing kit for your book including bookmarks and flyers.
    *Promotional Videos:  Nowadays, Promotional video trailer helps to engage target audience and increase book visibility. We create promotional videos and publishing it in Youtube channels. 
    *Book Launch Event: To create buzz about the book and to release it, a book launch event will be very helpful. We can arrange such an event to make an impression about the book as well as to get pre-sale order for the book.
    Distribution Services: We distribute books both physical as well as online. Below are the list of distribution services we're dealing with. They are:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      *Physical Retail Stores Distribution:  Sample copies of the book are sent to renowned book distributors for evaluation purpose. Most book distributors are engaged in distribution of books in a specific genre only (fiction, non-fiction, academic, etc.). Hence, based on the book genre, sample copies need to be sent to relevant distributors. Upon qualification of the book, the required number of copies are printed and shipped to the distributor for pan-India distribution. As most of the distributors accept books on Sale or Return (SOR) basis, upfront investment is required to print the copies. The cost of printing of such copies is borne by the Author. Distributors will send the books to bookstores across India. Distributors will report all the books sold on a biannual or annual basis. The author will be paid royalty for the books sold. All unsold inventory will be supplied back to the author upon expiry of the distribution period agreed with the distributor.
    *India Online Distribution:  We make the print and ebooks available on online channels including, Flipkart and our web store.

    *International Online Distribution:  We make the book available on International channels in Australia, Canada, Italy, France, UK, USA, Spain, Denmark.
    *Ingram Distribution:  We can Sell your book to 39,000+ retailers, libraries, distributors, and educational institutions in over 195 countries with Ingram Book Distribution channel.
    *eBook Distribution:  We provide high-quality e-book conversion service and submission to major eBook platforms such as Amazon Kindle, Google Play, Kobo and Scribd.
  • Other Services:  In addition to the  above book publishing services, our other services includes                                                                                        *Translation Services:  We provide translation services from English to various Indian Regional Languages and vice versa.
      *Re-Composition of Out of Print Books:  We find so many books of interest to us, but they are out of print.  Authors who lost their books at the hands of their publishers years ago, can revive their precious books with us. This service is not only beneficial to the authors but also to students, readers who desperately wish to acquire such books. We re-compose the old book by modernizing its interior and cover. Once it's print-ready, we publish the book and make it available on various online distribution channels.
     *Copyright Registration:  Copyright registration establishes a public record of your work and a proof of ownership of your creative work. In the event of a legal claim, or case of infringement or plagiarism, the copyright owner can produce a copy of the work from an official government source. We assist the authors in completing the copyright registration application with the Registrar of Copyrights, Government of India. On completion of the copyright application, you will receive a diary number. After verification, a copyright certificate is issued by the Registrar of Copyrights.

Packages & Pricings



Design Services: 

                                Interiors (Basic to Premium):  INR 2500/- to 5500/- (Depends on complexity)

                                Cover Design (Basic to Premium): INR 2000/- to 4500/- (Depends on complexity)

                                 Custom Illustrations: INR 500/- to 2500/-


Editing & Proofreading:

                                  Basic Editing & Proofreading: INR 0.30/- per word

                                 Comprehensive Editing & Proofreading: INR 0.70/- per word



                                 Google Ad Campaign & Facebook Ad Campaign: INR 2500/- per month

                         Pre-orders: INR 1000/-

                                 Social Media Set up: INR 2000/-

                                 Marketing Kit (Bookmarks & Flyers): INR 2000/-

                                 Promotional Videos: INR 6000/-